EukaPay, is a digital currency payment processor with built-in accounting and analytics, where merchants can invoice, receive, and track their crypto payments in real-time, and choose to receive between receiving dollars or stablecoins. We also help businesses facilitate cross-border payments, crypto payroll services, and accept crypto donations. <br /> <br /> Our solution helps businesses access 300M+ crypto consumers while avoiding currency volatility, onerous financial & tax reporting, and expensive wallet security.
Centralised Exchange Payments
📍 Toronto, Canada ✅ Remote ⏰ Since 2021 👨‍💼 11 - 50 Employees 💲 Pays in Crypto

😎 Our Culture

<p>Our vision is to build the world’s largest cryptocurrency payment network supporting the most crypto and crypto-fiat currencies.<br><br>We help businesses grow their revenues by attracting the next billion crypto consumers globally, while saving them money - enabled by low-cost, fast, and secure transactions.<br><br>We believe that the future reserve currencies of the world will likely be a mix of crypto-fiat currencies (i.e. digital dollars and such) and decentralized cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin and Ethereum. Crypto-fiat currencies will likely not be fully decentralized and censorship-resistant like Bitcoin. However, implemented correctly, they can still improve market efficiency through real-time settlement, improve inclusion by reducing barriers to entry, improve transparency into our institutions, and make central bank policy more effective by increasing responsiveness.</p><p><strong>What We Stand For</strong></p><ul><li>Blockchain transactions can be tiny, fractions of pennies, and cost very little to complete. Anyone with the smallest of assets (i.e. farmers) could exchange value.</li><li>Blockchain eliminates the point-of-access barrier. If you can access the internet on a mobile device, then you can access assets with very minimal literacy.</li><li>Today, the global 1% owns half the world’s wealth while 3.5B people earn fewer than $2 per day.</li><li>Blockchain can lower barriers to financial inclusion by enabling new models of entrepreneurship.</li></ul><p>“In the same way the internet of information disrupted media and entertainment companies, the new internet of value will modernize the financial industry and anyone with internet access can be their own bank”. – <i>Wayne Chen, CEO</i></p><p>“We are preparing the future generation for the life to be. People who grow up in this life won’t know life any other way and will choose payment options that fit their preferences”.&nbsp; –</p><p><i>Nancy Wu, CSO</i></p>
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