Launched in 2021 and already exchanged cards worth 8 million, Olymp Of Reptiles is one of the most popular tactical card games with the ability to play and earn on the blockchain. It has more than 50,000 registered players, despite the fact that it is only in the alpha version. Olymp Of Reptiles has stood the test of time and is the longest and most stable project in the ever-changing NFT industry.<br /> Headed by the former game director of Just: The Arena by Chris Clay, Olymp Of Reptiles aims to become one of the most successful, industry-leading blockchain gaming franchises for years to come. The team consists of industry legends who have collectively worked with gaming giants such as EA Games, Riot Games, Wizards of the Coast and others.<br /> Olymp Of Reptiles is a free computer game in which players must outwit their opponents by collecting decks of cards that can use a wide variety of tactics. This is not a standard card game in the style of "rock, paper, scissors". Players must use smart tactics and strategies to win. The game is based on rich knowledge, imagination and beautiful artwork, which add extra depth and dimension to this popular game.<br /> "Using Immutable X's ability to create millions of NFTs that cost a pretty penny (compared to L1 blockchains), players can buy, exchange and upgrade cards without fuel costs, which means that even our least expensive assets have significant value and utility." - Chris Clay<br /> Cards that are NFT belong to Ethreum players digitally and can be sold on trading platforms or used to obtain significant currencies and items, including the ERC-20 $GOLD token, through tournaments, joint card forgery or participation in "play to earn" events. In-game items that are earned during the game have sufficient, carefully planned utility, which contributes to the sustainability of the Olymp Of Reptiles ecosystem. Earned items can be sold on trading platforms such as Immutable X, the Tier 2 scalable solution on which Olymp Of Reptiles is based.<br /> <br /> Olymp Of Reptiles digital assets are based on Immutable X, the first zero-knowledge Ethereum accumulation package (zk-rollup) for NFT. Since the transition to immutable X at the end of June 2022, the trading volume of NFT for Olymp Of Reptiles is 1.5 times greater than in the main Ethereum network, while 99% less energy is required to perform these transactions. This allowed players to enjoy fast, affordable and secure trading in large volumes.
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