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About the Company

MEV's Army is a network of bots that use the Maximal Extractable Value (MEV) algorithm to find profitable combinations and add their transactions by intervening in a block. This allows you to make many small and profitable transactions within the block.

About the Job

Get rewarded to tell the world about the crypto industry's first open trading robot platform.

== About the program ==

As we continue to expand our product, we are looking for passionate and talented leaders to join the movement and help scale the MEV's Army ecosystem.

== Rewards and Benefits ==

As an Ambassador for MEV's Army, you will represent our platform, have direct access to shape our strategy, and help educate and spread the word about us worldwide.

== Awards ==

- High rewards in crypto tokens (BUSD/BNB/USDT)
- Official name and recognition on MEV's Army channels
- Participate in zoom developer sessions with official releases and exclusive news
- Opportunities to communicate with MEV's Army members, partners, and other representatives
- invitations to webinars, AMAs, zooms, and offline industry events, and much more
- Learning and mentoring opportunities with leaders in the crypto space

== Who should be an ambassador? ==

As an ambassador for MEV's Army, you will be representing the first platform to openly showcase the essence of bot trading with evidence of it.

== You can become an ambassador for MEV's Army if you... ==

1. Acting community leader

Someone with an existing user base or community and the ability to promote MEV's Army in your group/community.

2. Experts

Speakers, bloggers, and experienced people in technology and crypto, especially in trading.

3. Marketers and Content Creators

A creative mind that loves to create content and has out-of-the-box ideas. You can still contact us if you need help understanding cryptography but want to learn and have a strong interest.

4. Students and academia

Students who are exploring the blockchain space want to be part of a significant movement in the future.

5. Influencers

Community managers, experts, traders, marketers, and global/regional/local crypto influencers.

== What you need to become an MEV's Army Ambassador ==

Taking the lead role of MEV's Army Ambassador is an exceptional opportunity. Our program is highly competitive, and we only accept the best talent. Below we have highlighted some of the criteria we are looking for.

1. Practical knowledge of crypto markets and the blockchain space.
2. Community management experience, verified influencer or marketing service provider.
3. Deep understanding and genuine enthusiasm for MEV's Army.
4. High motivation and connections in cryptocurrency or mainstream marketing.
5. Exemplary talent and impeccable communication skills.
6. High motivation and connections in cryptocurrency or mainstream marketing.
7. Excellent knowledge of English and the ability to speak it.

== Could you tell me what the ambassador is expected to do? ==

As an ambassador, you should attend introductory training sessions and read as much as possible about MEV's Army to deeply understand our product. Then you must create and grow your community: a local Meetup group, a Telegram community, a Twitter, Facebook, or LinkedIn group, a Subreddit, a student group, and more - get creative! Come up with fantastic ideas for drawing attention to MEV's Army. You can choose from some of our thoughts, complete monthly challenges, or come up with new suggestions!

== Some other tasks include ==

1. Sponsorship or presentation evenings
2. Create video tutorials and reviews
3. Ability to speak live to the public at conferences
4. Collaborate with local groups, startup incubators, and university groups to host events together
5. Inviting local speakers and conducting interviews
6. Discuss trends in blockchain and cryptography, as well as hold events dedicated to intellectual leadership.

To apply, write to us at: [email protected]

We are looking forward!


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