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About the Job

About PWN

📍PWN is a Defi P2P lending platform enabling loans against ANY token on Ethereum!

PWN offers a new kind of P2P lending solution. The PWN platform allows users to make use of any digital asset as collateral for a loan. This way, you can unlock all of the value stored in your collection and use it as you please.

Our goal is to unlock the next generation of financial services to the unbanked! The time is now — the revolution will be tokenized!

About the role:

We're looking for a Backend Engineer with Ethereum experience to help expand the functionality of the []( lending platform.

You'll be working with an amazing team of engineers and product specialists to make PWN better, faster, and more expansive by building a range of new, exciting features. (Trust us — there's a ton to build in this space!)

- Building platform crawlers for, such as:
- Public API for the deed token
- Serving metadata to the public
- Generating metadata JSONs upon deed (loan) creation
- IPFS mirroring
- On-chain data crawler
- On-chain event listeners: making sure that our DB is always up to date with the latest block
- User balance cache: making it easier to get a dump of all user token balances
- Working with the PWN product team on new features and partner integrations for the platform


Must have
- Python, Django
- Databases
- APIs
- Industry knowledge of blockchain and Ethereum
- Based in UTC +/- 4 timezone
- Fluent in English

Bonus points
- Basic solidity knowledge
- Experience with DeFi dApps as a user

☝We appreciate people who are humble and kind. We appreciate those who are team players and who are keen to learn from others with an open mind. If you are one of those people you'll be thriving at PWN.
However, if your primary goal is to max-out immediate rewards, I don't think we are the right company for you and your goals. ☝

- Money (shocking, right?)
- Assets that can eventually be turned into money (equity, coins, and so on)
- A detailed roadmap to boost your learning and career growth
- Potential to grow into a leadership position if that's what you desire
- Unmatched ability to travel and meet the world’s most brilliant builders and thinkers
- Unusual flexibility regarding when and where you get your work done
- Team retreats (we have a boat ⛵)

1. We'll have a chat about both your and our expectations.
2. We'll have a second chat about technical stuff.
3. Candidates may be asked to solve a coding challenge. The delivered solutions will play a main role in the selection process.

Drop us an email at [email protected] or a message on Discord. In the message, we’d love for you to tell us something about yourself and send along a copy of your CV, GitHub, and so on.



At PWN, we are explorers. We’re also tinkerers with the mindset of a certain sort of mad scientist. We're not afraid to break things in order to build them back better. If you want to join us, we’d expect the same from you.

We are navigating uncharted waters of the crypto ecosystem, with a particular interest in the rapidly evolving area of decentralized finance and tokenization of assets.

PWN means radical openness

While your job might have somewhat of a formal description, we’re certainly not looking to squeeze you into a fixed-size cubicle. In fact, the very opposite is true - we’d like to set things up so that they suit your individual needs. We welcome innovation and unconventional thinking that will get us closer to making PWN an exceptional product!

We're remote, but not alone

You can work from anywhere in the world — no matter the location nor the timezone. And even though that means we're dispersed across the globe, we always find a way to connect and meet in person. Be it conferences, team holidays, or simply ad-hoc meetups, the PWN team makes sure to stay in close touch!

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Python, Django, Industry knowledge of blockchain and Ethereum


depends on seniority + Equity

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