seeking a new team: 1) blockchain developer; and 2) coder/programmer/team-leader at bitclaims - reforming higher education with blockchain

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About the Job

Lawyer and Blockchain Professor seeking individuals to fill two separate positions: (1) a tech coder for team building and project management and build-out and; (2) a business developer to assist in strategizing as to potential partnerships, investment opportunities (i have numerous prospective contacts), contacting potential investors, contacting online bloggers re: crypto and traditional news outlets to publish and promote articles written by me, website and blog communications/promotion, and scheduling and traveling to present at relevant crypto and/or education conferences, 'pitch' meetings, and other events.

This project will address blockchain and higher education; specifically, the law school admissions process, the LSAC council, and records requirements for admissions. As a lawyer, I am familiar with the field to enable me to make substantial inroads.

Payment: Equity and/or another compensation arrangement as we agree. Seeking a team of passionate and sincere people. A whitepaper is currently in draft form.

Distributed ledger technologies can ‘democratize’ data and empower individuals with agency over their personal information. Currently, when individuals need to prove their education and work history, they rely on slew of institutions and centralized systems and past employers to verify education and workforce records. The process is an absolute stress-inducing nightmare for students trying to concentrate on passing the LSAT. I know this because I went through it. Often, the institutions or employers may not be available or are slow in responding, the records could have been lost or destroyed, or in the case of higher education, individuals may be required to pay fees. The inability to access or control their records can inhibit opportunities and keep them in the dark about what information is actually in their records.

I want to put together a team of honest, moral, and able individuals. I don’t want people who are merely ‘out for a buck’. Education is important to me and I would hope you feel the same. I do not want people trying to scam and steal but cooperatively build something that makes the world a better place. The money I made on my last project is not nearly as valuable as some of the lessons I learned. Transparency, ethics, and accountability are of the utmost importance.


I am a barred and full-time practicing attorney in DC and MD in good standing in both jurisdictions. I know the lay of the land re: legal education and underlying processes and I will be able to form partnerships with relevant law schools, bar associations, LSAT test prep entities, and pre-law departments and registrars’ offices at private and/or state colleges.

I am also a professor at a new england post grad university to teach blockchain concepts to those concentrating in investigations. It is a non-technical course. I have drafted and have an approved an eight (8) course lesson plan.

My previous blockchain venture addressed health insurance co-ops and transfer of provider reimbursement claims and protected patient health information between/amongst providers, clearinghouses, medical billers, and insurance companies. After a development grant, the technical build code was sold in 2018.

Founder: Michael J. Tabacco. Esq.

Contact: Michael
[email protected]
phone: 202-897-7040 (text/call)


(1) Tech coder must be exp. in blockchain coding and vetting/leading a team; (2) Business development must promote, scheduling, forming partnerships, presenting, etc.


negotiated rate and/or + Equity