Blockchain Game Designer/Planner at CRASTONIC Ltd

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About the Job

▼Please note that before you may apply:

Please understand that candidates who do not have practical experience in the game industry or have only experience with Project Management may be rejected at the document screening stage.

▼Submission work: Proposals, specifications, works that can show off your skills, etc.

If it's necessary, please upload the data (images, videos, documents etc.) to a network storage such as firestorage, dropbox, GoogleDrive, YouTube, etc. and be sure to send us with the URL.

If you cannot submit the submission work due to confidentiality reasons, please submit a document that shows the part of work in charge of the title.


・Work full time in remote or in person.
・Game concept development
・Game design document creation
・Gameplay mechanics
・Monetization strategy
・Propose to the client with producer and creative director
・Respond to feedback about concerns with the game
・Blockchain game structure design, economics and business logic
・Project management
・Project/production plan
・Work with developers and other members of our team to ensure that there are no bugs or problems from start to finish
・Create specifications documentation for the developer
・Quality check
・Suggestions for improvement


・At least 3 + years of game planning work experience, and participating in a project from 0 to 1 experience is preferred.
・Must understand the whole process of game creation in planning, production preparation, production and aggregation/analysis/improvement.
・Must to have a strong communication skill.
・Must to have experience with Word, Excel, PowerPoint
・Must be experienced playing blockchain games and NFTs
・Must to have experience using virtual currency wallets such as MetaMask.
・Strong logical thinking ability, familiar with the structure and design of game system components.
・Good to have a development and operation experience of online blockchain games


Game Planning, Game Direction, Game Strategy, Presentation, Logical Thinking, Critical Thinking, Creative Thinking, Monetization Strategy, Business Strategy, Mobile Games, Consumer Game


1,000 USD / month - 6,000 USD / month

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