Chief Community moderator/ Community Manager at Manga Society

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About the Job

We are looking for :

1- A Community Manager for our NFT project he will help grow the community and will engage with it mainly on twitter and instagram. 

Tasks will involve managing our social medias and sourcing promoters. 

2- A Chief Community Moderator he will be responsible for Discord Community Moderation for our NFT project. 

Tasks will involve moderating and monitoring the moderators team to ensure that the online community is maintained as a safe and fun environment. 

Feedbacks will be requested daily to maintain an excellent customer service and build a strong community around our brand.

Responsibilities :

Community manager :

- Sourcing Instagram influencers and Twitter promoters.

-Engaging with Crypto and NFT communities daily through our social medias.

-Listen, gather and share the community’s feedback and opinions with the team.

-Respond to user questions, comments, and concerns in a timely manner.

Chief community Moderator
- Monitoring the moderators team on discord

- Coordinating with our team to ensure effective and superior quality of customer service and support to our community.

- Produce reports on relevant moderation statistics, issues and outcomes and report to the team.

- Regularly feed back insights gained from community moderation into the Community management team.


- Crypto market experience and knowledge of the NFT space

- Fluent in English

- Strong organisation and a proactive approach

- Ability to effectively communicate information and report back to the management team quickly and effectively.

- Good technical understanding and can pick up new tools quickly

- Availability to work days, evening, nights, as well as weekends as and when required. 8-10 hr working day


Crypto/NFT space knowledge, Fluent in English,



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