Content Writer at Morningstar Technologies

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About the Job

Creativity: You will need to create original work and develop ideas around your chosen themes.
Determination: Some assignments can take a long time to finish, or your editor may turn it around for many, many revisions.
Persuasion: Candidate needs to know how to write persuasively and in some cases, defend their creative choices.
Social Perceptiveness: Copywriters need to have their finger on the pulse, so that their copy is relevant and modern, and understand how people will react to their writing.
Writing Skills: Copywriters need to write well: with proper tone, feeling, sentence structure and emotion. Grammar counts!
A strong candidate for this position possesses extensive knowledge in blockchain technology and has experience writing white papers. Experience writing technical papers or white papers is a plus.
Must be able to prove qualifications in knowledge of blockchain and writing experience.


Perfect written English