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About the Company

blockowl cap™ is a liquidity management program created with the mission of providing de-risked crypto investments. Due to our advanced algorithms, we lower the risk and absorb permanent loss within our platform, so you can still enjoy the unmatched advantages of crypto investing.

About the Job


We are looking for crypto brokers who will be hired to reach out to potential investors/partners for our new investing program. Last year, my team and I were tasked with developing a new crypto-staking solution for traditional investors of a family office we work for. Our program was launched last year and currently supports investments in Bitcoin, ETH, and USDC.

Our partners earn weekly rewards on the total amount of funds they stak within our pools. So far, it's been a huge success — we already have an equivalent of $60M under our management. However, it came mostly from our in-house investors. Now we want to extend our solution to potential partners outside our family.

The advantages that we offer to our partners who stak their funds with us:

1. Weekly returns of 1.75%, sent automatically each week to the partner's private wallet (unless chosen to compound within the platform). And up to 210% yearly if compounded.

2. Partners can start investing with as low as 0.5 ETH.

3. No lock-in period at all. Partners can withdraw at any time.

4. KYC approved and backed by a protection plan established by our family office.

5. Due to our advanced algorithms, all permanent loss associated with pool management is absorbed within the platform and not by the partners.

We are looking for crypto brokers who will be tasked with representing our program and reaching out to potential investors/partners willing to join the program. We can offer the following:

— 1% weekly returns on the entirety of partners' funds under your management.

Ex.: if the total staked fund of all partners brought by you to our program is 100ETH and 10BTC, you'll receive 1ETH and 0.1BTC weekly, sent automatically to your wallet. This amount increases every week.

— 100% remote.

— Complete freedom of work. No obligations. No requirements. No deadlines. Your only responsibility is to bring people in. The more you bring, the more you earn.

— We take care of everything, management included; you’ll get a personal assistant ready to help in case you or partners under your management would have any questions.

— Early access to our investment program and the possibility to join as a partner to get an additional 1.75% weekly. Yes, you can earn commissions on yourself as well.

— Fund protection plan

— Invitation to yearly recurring events and galas in places like Monaco, Dubai, Malta, and Bali; organized exclusively for our partners, sponsored 100% by us.

— Access to an extensive investment network (not only crypto) and support from our community.

— 2x rewards for best performers (for every 5ETH brought, your commission double).


Sales, marketing, outreach, lead generation



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