DeFi Smart Contract Developer at Complement Capital

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About the Job

Complement Capital is a new investment firm focused on DeFi. We take large positions in DeFi protocols and then roll up our sleeves and code. We build, integrate, participate in governance, share knowledge, write docs & blog posts and help out in the community.

The role of DeFi Smart Contract Developer at Complement is a key strategic hire. The successful candidate will become a partner in the firm, sharing in the investment returns we make together. You will work closely with the other partners across all areas of the business.

The ideal candidate is a crypto enthusiast with two years plus of deep smart contract (Solidity) and Ethereum knowledge. You must be highly enthusiastic about DeFi and have a strong working knowledge of DEXes / AMMs, yield optimization protocols, money markets. You will have a very strong background in smart contract security and keep track of all the latest smart contract attacks. You should have a good knowledge of Ethereum standards / EIPs and a good working knowledge of ETH 2.0, Layer 2 solutions (ZK & optimistic rollups, SKALE, Matic etc.) and cross-chain bridge technologies. You must be hard-working, diligent and ambitious.

Once the global economy re-opens after Covid-19, we expect the role to include travel to work with partners, to attend industry events and to participate in internal strategic workshops.

In the role you will be required to:
- Work closely with portfolio companies as they bring their solutions to market
- Build out new proof of concept solutions
- Work closely with partners as they integrate their protocol with other DeFi building blocks
- Contribute to the core protocols
- Get involved with community / governance discussions
- Analyse smart contracts for security issues

We have no strong preference for academic achievement or location. We are happy to work with people anywhere in the world. As long as you can demonstrate a real talent in the areas listed above we would be happy to work with you.


Solidity, Ethereum, DeFi


TBD + Equity

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