Experienced Podcast Host & Editor for Crypto Market Weekly at BlockBeat

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About the Company

BlockBeat is a company dedicated to providing retail and professional crypto traders and investors with access to institutional-level tools at an affordable price. Our mission is to empower traders and investors with the information and tools they need to make informed decisions and achieve their trading & investment goals. We understand that navigating the crypto market can be overwhelming, especially with the lack of trust in news sources and the overwhelming amount of information available. BlockBeat solves this problem by bringing all of the necessary tools and information into a single terminal. We are committed to building the best possible platform for our users, and constantly fine-tuning and improving our offering. We believe that the crypto market is at an exciting turning point, and we are eager to be a part of its growth and evolution. We hope to empower traders and investors to achieve their goals, and help build a stronger and more accessible crypto market for everyone.

About the Job

We are looking for an experienced podcast host and editor to be the face of a weekly podcast about the current state of the cryptocurrency markets. The ideal candidate should have a strong understanding of the crypto industry and be able to engage audiences with insightful and informative commentary.


-Record and edit a 20-30 minute podcast on a weekly basis
-Cover the current state of the crypto markets in a clear and concise manner
-Make use of relevant research and industry analysis to inform your commentary
-Ensure high audio quality and consistent production values for each episode


-Strong understanding of the cryptocurrency market and industry trends
-Experience recording and editing podcasts
-Excellent communication skills with the ability to articulate complex ideas clearly
-Ability to work independently and meet weekly deadlines
-Familiarity with podcast editing software and audio production tools

We may only need audio for now, but the ideal candidate should be open to incorporating video in the future if needed. If you're passionate about the crypto industry and have the skills and experience we're looking for, we'd love to hear from you.


Podcast Host


TBD + Equity

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