Front-end Developer at Swivel Finance

Front-end Developer

Swivel Finance

Posted 444 days ago


The current web3 lending stack gives users the ability to utilize the time-value of their assets through lending protocols like Compound and Aave. Swivel, previously DefiHedge, builds upon this infrastructure to provide access to previously unfacilitated financial tooling, decentralized interest-rate derivatives.

Interest-rate swaps represent an overwhelming majority of the world's trading volume and with their introduction Swivel provides users the ability to take fixed-rate and leveraged lending positions.

Started at EthDenver 2020 and incubated through Gitcoin Kernel, Swivel is a community project at its core. With the backing of world-class investors and angels, DefiHedge is looking to fill out its team of forward and independent thinking developers to push towards our initial release.


* Work with our product manager and leadership to turn product vision into technical roadmap

* Build, test and ship high throughput user facing features/products (React/Redux)

* Own product features throughout design, implementation & deployment

* Occasional smart contract endpoint integration (Web3.js or Ethers.js)


* At least 3+ years experience working as a developer

* At least 2+ years experience with React/Redux

* You have a depth of technical experience and have demonstrated excellence through previous work

* You have a high degree of autonomy and communicative ability, ensuring efficient collaboration with other team members


* At least 1+ years experience with web3.js / ethers.js

* At least 1+ years experience with NodeJS

* At least 1+ years experience with PostgreSQL

* Familiarity with libp2p and DHT core concepts

* You have worked on successful high throughput applications products in the finance or web3 space






Javascript, React/Redux


~130,000 USD / Year + Equity

Applications for this job are currently closed.

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