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Project Manager (FT).

Our Vision:
The team at Doge Dash believes in the potential of easy to play, quality-driven play-to-earn games. With a lot of play-to-earn projects emerging within the crypto scene, almost none focus on the simplicity within the gameplay as the likes of Mario World that we all played about 30 years ago.

With the development of the main character Dash and the game Doge Dash, the team focuses on a qualitative gaming experience, with deep integration with the blockchain and NFT projects we are launching to create the ecosystem around the game, the character Dash, and the company.

The bigger vision is that we create an ecosystem that evolves around digital gameplay of a range of games, and making sure all people around the world, being crypto native, metaverse early adopters, or mainstream players can access the game and we can arise like the golden standard of play-to-earn gaming of our age.

What we are looking for:
As we are expanding our gaming ecosystem and bringing more Play-to-earn games to the masses, we are looking for a Project Manager (FT).

• Organizing and planning all active and future projects
• Liaising between senior management, developers, and other project stakeholders in the execution of project plans
• Hiring and managing 3rd party contractors as needed
• Leading regular planning and execution meetings to ensure the team is up-to-date and on schedule
• Pushing the team and holding team members accountable to ensure that deadlines are met

• Experience in design and implementation of processes like Risk Management, Incident Management, Problem Management
• Good understanding of organizational and operational structures
• Experience with change management and transformation projects
• Extremely organized, responsive, & accountable
• Experience with metrics and reporting concepts
• Excellent written & verbal communication (English)

About the team
The Core team consists of:
· Sofia Garreton (Brand manager and influencer, based in LA), owner of lumahai swimwear
· Stephen Hamilton (CTO, based in Toronto, experienced crypto investor), experienced solidity developer, crypto investor, and entrepreneur with a background in computer science and a successful "real world" consulting business
· Sander Görtjes (COO and Strategy officer, based in the Netherlands), owner of 2 large Digital marketing agencies focused on corporates, previously employed by Philips, Cargill, Dutch governments and Qualcomm, veteran crypto investor.
· Paul Caslin (Founder) is an award-winning and Grammy nominated Creative Director working in the entertainment industry with the likes of Rihanna, Justin Bieber and the MTV VMAs amongst others,
· Cordell broadus is our creative director and main influencer

Besides the core team, there are dedicated roles for marketing, Community management, Moderation across all channels, legal consulting, and a team of devs (4) and moderators in 14 different languages (21).

About the community
DogeDash has been one of the fastest-growing Game utility tokens in the space, with currently 50.000+ holders within 10 weeks after launch. The community is vibrant, with a dedicated mentality. Where we preach ‘slow and steady wins the race’ the community follows and aligns. Our community figures, with an average daily 3-4% growth.
· Token holders: 75.000
· Telegram community (EN): 17.500 + Telegram international (17):19.500
· Discord community: 18.300
· Twitter followers: 43.500 + Twitter international (8): 8.500
· YouTube followers: 4.800
· Instagram followers: 44.000

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How to apply:
- Send us a motivation letter
- Send us a CV with projects and achievements
- Send us your LinkedIn Profile
- Let us know what similar experience you have
- Show us your vision for Doge Dash


risk management, incident manager, English


3000- 5000 USD / Month

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