Senior Analyst and Writer at AmaZix

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About the Job

AmaZix is the leading provider of community management services for crypto projects. We specialise in helping projects running on the Ethereum blockchain, especially those building up to their ICOs. Projects we work on include Bancor, BANKEX, WePower, GBX and DataWallet.

We are growing extremely fast and from our founding nine months ago we now have over 100 team members and manage over 60 high level projects, with many more asking to come aboard than we can take. We are profitable and have been since day one.

Though our company is based in Hong Kong our team is distributed around the world (primarily Europe).

Your position:
You will be working alongside our CTO as part of the assessment team. The assessment team is responsible for producing detailed reports of approximately 13 pages on crypto-projects preparing to do their ICOs and contains the following sections:

* whitepaper review
* team review
* business and team vision
* website and internet presence
* market comparison
* growth expections
* SWOT analysis
* conclusion

We are looking for people who have the experience in the crypto-world to produce some or all of these sections. It is important that you have a good knowledge of the ICO space and will be able to apply critical analysis to the business models of projects in addition to identifying other projects working in the same space.

Working environment:
We are a distributed team and communicate primarily with Telegram and email while using Google Docs for collaborative working.

* Critically analyse projects
* Write report sections as described above
* Work with colleagues to agree a common view
* Communicate with CTO and sales team to produce and deliver reports

* Very good English (written and spoken)
* Available full-time or at least 30 hours per week
* Excellent communication skills
* Ability to write coherently
* Deep knowledge of the crypto-space
* Invoicing structure and proper registration
* Willingness to be paid in Ethereum

To apply:
Provide a short analysis (1-2 paragraphs) of the token economics of the Blockshipping project ( This writeup should include a concise overview of all facets around the token that you feel are important to determining both the long term viability of a project, as well as the potential for a successful token sale. This should be limited to the token economics only (no need to mention team, concept, etc).

Only applications that include this evaluation will be considered.


ICOs, Business, Writing, Analysis


Monthly or hourly rates negotiable