Senior Blockchain Architect (Cosmos/Tendermint) at DiversiFi

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About the Job

# Who we are
DiversiFi is aiming to solve the cross-chain fragmentation problem.

Weโ€™re building a protocol that will make the lives of Web3 developers, building cross-chain dApps easier.

Utilizing an L1 blockchain, liquidity pools, and a unique economic model, we will deliver a safe, efficient and decentralized protocol, that will abstract the way liquidity is transferred across chains, and make it seem atomic and seamless.

We want you to join us at an early stage, so you can impact our product.

# What will you do
- Build a new L1 blockchain from the ground up
- Implement unique node code that has cross-chain visibility
- Implement our consensus algorithm
- Participate in building our core protocol team
- Assist with the implementation of our economic models
- Participate in security audits, and make sure weโ€™re delivering on our safety-first promise

# Who you are
- Experienced in building blockchains and protocols
- Posses deep understanding of the inner workings and requirements of blockchains
- Ability to implement cryptographic code
- Ability to learn new technologies and paradigms on the go
- Clear and concise English writing and speaking skills - **A MUST**
- Willing to work as part of a growing, global team
- Ability to communicate technical challenges and implementations clearly

# Nice to have
- Experience with Cosmos blockchain SDK/Tendermint
- Fluent in Rust, and Go including system level, OOP, cryptography, communication
- Experience with building a financial protocols
- Ability to deploy blockchain infrastructure
- Presence in the blockchain developers community a big plus


Cosmos SDK, Tendermint, Go, Rust, JavaScript, Solidity a plus


Compensation + tokens negotiable

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