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About the Job

We are looking for a Senior Blockchain Engineer with expertise in implementing or designing a widely-adopted public blockchain on the protocol level. Your assignment will be to spearhead and deliver complex research and development projects with the team.

Your main focus will be the Polygon Edge, an open-source modular blockchain development framework built for engineers who want to create their own blockchains. The framework allows for the creation of both secured chains (Layer-2 blockchains) and standalone Ethereum sidechains.

Polygon Edge is an integral part of Polygon’s offering of scaling solutions with the mission to become the gateway and the standard for building the multi-chain future.


- Ability to design and implement novel solutions to complex problems
- Open and clear communication with the open-source community, and maintenance of the repositories
- Awareness and guidance of the team regarding code and research quality
- Recognizing relevant research efforts and conducting them
- Interviewing of technical hires
- To identify KPI product metrics, and monitor them
- Structured and deliberate approach to solving problems
- Improving the current processes and systems in place
- To be up-to date with the latest developments in blockchain protocols, consensus mechanisms, L2s, cryptography and novel dApps with the ability to properly and justifiably categorize them on a tech radar and share knowledge with the team


- Have expertise in implementing or designing a widely-adopted public blockchain
- You have production experience working with distributed/replicated systems or large microservice architectures
- You have a broad knowledge or usage experience of web3 technologies, including Enterprise blockchain usage, DeFi protocols, L1 and L2 solutions, ZKPs
- You have a steady habit of asking good questions and helping the team validate their solutions
- Expertise in Go and Solidity programming languages
- You are not a stranger to researching Computer Science papers and articles
- You have a deep understanding of digital cryptography


- Engineering team leadership experience
- Implementation, research or experience in usage of Zero Knowledge Proofs

What we offer:

- An ambitious employer working on cutting edge tech projects
- Transparent salary model and clear expectations for promotions
- Autonomy in tactical execution, support in strategic planning
- A remote-first environment in the organization that pushes the boundaries of how we collaborate today and seek new ways of working together as a collective
- An opportunity to work and chill from some of our coworking and workshop spaces, if you wish
- Flexible working hours
- No limit paid vacation policy
- Growing education library (books, webinars, wikis, courses)
- Paid trips to conferences, workshops, and other educational events (business trips included of course)
- Necessary work equipment provided  (laptop, etc.)
- Work together, Play together events - single-day gatherings. Usually once per month (depending on the pandemic situation) and somewhere off-screen.
- MVP Workshop Venture builder offsite gatherings - 1week and ½ week company gatherings with other MVP Workshop’s web3 ventures, twice per year

Trapesys is Blockchain Protocol solutions studio backed by MVP Workshop, a Web3 venture builder.

The project you will be working on is Polygon Edge, a blockchain node software for spinning up standalone private/public blockchains and you will be closely collaborating with other projects within the Polygon ecosystem.

MVP Workshop is a Web3 venture builder driven by the exploration of disruptive technologies and their application in real-life scenarios.

We are a team of entrepreneurs, engineers, designers, and product folk interested in cutting-edge Web3 technologies. Over the past 5 years, we fell in love with everything blockchain and have been gathering valuable experience with defining, building, and growing crypto products in partnership with our clients, as well as doing our R&D in-house.


Go, Solidity, protocol, consensus, distributed systems, low-level, design


$85k - $300k + tokens

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