Senior Database Engineer (Rust) at Dash Core Group

Senior Database Engineer (Rust)

Dash Core Group

Posted 99 days ago

At Dash, our Goal is to increase financial freedom and opportunities for everyone. We develop products that enable payments on the blockchain and make cryptocurrency accessible for consumers, merchants, businesses, and developers. We’ve designed a payments platform that puts user experience first, obscures the technical complexity underneath, and reinvents how cryptocurrency works in the future.

Dash is a cryptocurrency originally based on the Bitcoin blockchain, augmented with additional features focused on payments, and is one of the most recognized and accepted cryptocurrencies.


We are looking for a Database Engineer. This work will include designing improvements to our in house database solution and implementing it.

This is an opportunity to work with a very innovative cryptocurrency team and make an impact on the way people interact with their money.


- Contribute to the design and development of an in house authenticated database solution
- Contribute to the open-source development of Dash Platform components and libraries
- Collaborate with the team in an Agile environment to research, define, design, implement, and ship improvements and new features
- Discover and eliminate bugs, race conditions. Increase code test coverage
- Participate in the testing and deployment of new releases
- Contribute to developments and improvements of our continuous integration software for our database solution
- Create benchmarks for various methods and work to increase performance in critical areas
- Strive to find ways to improve code quality
- Work with our technical writer to explain various functionality you will work on
- Apply creative solutions to eliminate limitations of cryptocurrency and provide improved user experiences


- A bachelor (3-4 years of studies at the university level) in either mathematics, computer science or any relevant field or proof of equivalence through experience or another diploma.
- 5 years of work experience in database engineering.
- A good command of the English language.
- Master level understanding of data structures.
- Good understanding of basic cryptography.
- Ability to write code in Rust.


- 2+ years of experience writing code in Rust.
- Mathematical background (e.g. good understanding of number theory, probability, linear and abstract algebra).
- Good communication skills.


- Contribute to technology at the forefront of the web.
- Opportunity to drive innovation and strategy.
- Your work will be open source.

Location / compensation

This is a 100% remote position.
Compensation will be at competitive rates and based on experience and location


rust, blockchain


To negotiate

Applications for this job are currently closed.

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