Senior Protocol Architect at Giza

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About the Company

We're a cutting-edge team behind the Giza protocol, an exciting new project set to bring about the next paradigm shift in machine learning. We are building the foundational infrastructure to have AI Agents connected to smart contracts in a trust-minimized way using ZKML.

About the Job

You’ll be responsible of the design, architecture and implementation of the protocol surrounding the Giza product.

As Senior Protocol Architect, you will play a crucial role in defining and developing our Ethereum-based smart contract protocol. This position entails designing and leading the architecture of decentralized applications and protocols, ensuring their security, scalability, and performance. Your leadership will be instrumental in driving the project from conceptualization through to implementation, involving continuous interaction with both internal teams and external partners.

Key Responsibilities:

• Protocol Design and Architecture: Take charge of the design and architectural decisions for the Giza product's Ethereum-based smart contract protocol. Develop robust, secure, and scalable decentralized applications and protocols that meet the needs of the business.
• Smart Contract Development: Utilize your expertise in Solidity and smart contract development to create and refine blockchain-based contracts. Ensure that the smart contracts are optimized for performance, security, and cost efficiency.
• Leadership and Project Management: Lead the protocol development from concept to implementation, managing the project timeline and deliverables. Collaborate closely with internal teams and external partners to align development goals and ensure seamless integration.
• Security and Scalability: Prioritize and ensure the security of the protocol by implementing best practices and conducting regular security audits. Design the protocol to handle increased transaction loads and complex operations within the blockchain ecosystem.
• Technical Documentation and Communication: Produce high-quality technical documentation that clearly explains the protocol architecture, features, and functionalities. Contribute to content creation that engages a broader audience and explains the technical details of the project in an accessible manner.
• Innovation and Research: Stay updated on the latest developments in blockchain technologies, DeFi, MEV, trading strategies, and incentive mechanisms. Apply this knowledge to innovate and improve the Giza protocol continuously.
• Team Collaboration and Mentoring: If applicable, manage and mentor a team of technical staff, fostering a culture of high assurance software engineering and innovation. Ensure the team is motivated, informed, and well-coordinated in their tasks.

Must Haves:

• 5+ years of professional engineering experience, with a strong focus on Solidity and smart contract development.
• 2+ years of direct experience in protocol architecture within the blockchain ecosystem.
• Demonstrated ability in designing complex DeFi protocols, with a keen understanding of blockchain technologies, MEV, trading, and incentives.

Nice to Have:

• Experience managing technical teams in a dynamic environment.
• Strong background in high assurance software engineering and internal security audits.
• Ability to produce high-quality technical documentation and contribute to content creation for broader audience engagement.


Protocol Architecture, Design Thinking, Complex Systems, Web3, Solidity


$100,000 - $150,000