Senior Software Engineer, GoLang at Obol Network

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About the Job

Who Are We?

Obol is a remote first research and software development team focused on building decentralized software for public proof of stake blockchain networks. Over the past 12 months we have been building a community of strategic supporters across the entire stack to enable more resilient and distributed staking infrastructure on public blockchain networks through the Shared Secret Validator (SSV) effort, initiated by the Ethereum Foundation.

SSV is a powerful infrastructure primitive that can be used in a variety of configurations and implemented on almost any public blockchain network. The primitive has been researched and designed to improve resiliency and security at the validator client and beacon node level of the Ethereum stack, mitigating risks such as crash faults, key theft, and slashing risk. This is achieved by splitting a validator key across multiple independently operating instances and utilizing threshold signatures to perform validation duties (think: a multi-sig validator).

Obol is currently focused on utilizing the SSV primitive as a building block to develop a trust-minimized staking protocol. We believe that this primitive is most useful at the lower layers of the blockchain stack and should be deployed to main net with an architecture that enables it to be built on top of, accelerating vertical innovation in staking products, similar to the way roll-up technologies have evolved over the past few years.

Our mission is to increase the security and resiliency of public blockchain networks by evolving the SSV primitive to become a sustainable public good accessible by developers and validators all over the world.

The Obol protocol will become an open, community governed, self-sustaining project over the coming months and years. Its participants will be responsible for the security and distribution of consensus finding on the world's most used public blockchain networks. Together we will incentivize, buidl, and maintain distributed technology that makes public proof of stake networks a more secure and resilient foundation to build on top of.

Senior Software Engineer, GoLang - Obol Core Team

Senior Software Engineers are polymaths with experience across all layers of the technology stack. This role is responsible for driving the direction of the Obol SSV implementation(s) from early architecture and design documents, to performance tuning and scaling and building up a professional engineering team in the process. At Obol we are stripping Ethereum clients down to their fundamentals and rebuilding them in a highly-available by default, byzantine tolerant architecture, capable of being run by multiple operators. This project will push the envelope on distributed systems and coordination via smart contracts beyond what has been seen in the space to date.


Developing open source public goods for permissionless networks

Start and grow a professional engineering department within Obol

Work with advisors and stakeholders to develop Obol products

Solve technical problems of the highest scope, complexity, and ambiguity with autonomy

Play a central role in technical, business, and organizational contributions

Management and responsibility for Technical milestones and development teams

Interview technical hires

Present key technical findings and solutions to the Obol core team

Build GoLang based HTTP clients, servers and validators

Build web-related infrastructure for supporting our testnets and production deployments


Protocol Development - GoLang - Cryptography


150000 + Equity