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About the Job

At cLabs, the team working on the open-source platform Celo, our mission is to build a financial system that creates the conditions for prosperity for all.

Celo aims to remove the barriers for the large-scale adoption of cryptocurrencies as means of payment. Using a novel address-based encryption algorithm, the Celo protocol makes sending money as easy as sending a text. Additionally, Celo uses stable-value tokens pegged to fiat currencies, like the US Dollar, to minimize volatility. Celo is an open protocol enabling many to participate in the system, even with a budget Android smartphone. The first application incubated by the internal team at cLabs and successfully spun-out on the Celo platform, Valora, is a social payments and money transfer app, aimed at developing markets.

cLabs is seeking a Smart Contracts Engineer to join our Contracts Team. As part of the contracts team you will help design and develop Celo's core smart contracts and help develop best practices and processes to ensure those smart contracts are secure. This includes our governance, proof of stake, stability mechanisms, and the decentralized identity system.

You Will:
You'll be gathering requirements from Product Managers, Engineering Partners, and other key internal and external stakeholders (e.g. Celo Validators, Celo Stakeholders) in order to determine and implement changes to our core Smart Contracts.
You'll be learn to write or writing production-level code in Solidity and Typescript
You'll facilitate the guiding of the proposed changes to the core Smart Contracts.
You'll collaborate with third party Smart Contract Auditors to ensure the quality assurance of the proposed changes as they go through our smart contract release process

You Have:
You have at least 4 years of experience in software engineering primarily working in Javascript, Typescript, and React
You have experience working with cloud-based platforms including AWS, Azure, or Google Cloud Platform
You have experience with CI/CD pipelines and the Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC)

Nice to Have:
You have prior experience in deploying complex smart contract systems to a public blockchain (e.g. Ethereum).
You have experience in smart contract release processes
You have experience working with third party smart contract auditors such as OpenZeppelin, Certora
You have worked on a smart contract system that have processed high dollar volume amount
You have knowledge of past and common smart contract exploits and know how to avoid them


smart contracts, Solidity, AWS


tbd + Equity

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