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About the Job

Social Media Manager

Kinesis is a revolutionary monetary system, with digital currencies based 1:1 on allocated physical gold and silver, bringing back a true store of value to the global economy and rewarding all who participate. We believe in a world with a decentralized, open, and transparent financial community. A better, fairer, and honest system of value that enhances true money and rewards all those who participate. We provide a solution to economic instability and can offer businesses innovative new revenue streams.

Full Job Description

We are looking for an experienced, passionate, and creative Social Media Manager to join our team. As a Social Media Manager, you will support our content output and grow our presence on our various social media channels. Connecting/engaging in a meaningful way with our targeted market globally. The Social Media manager will be responsible for developing and implementing our Social Media strategy in order to increase our online presence and improve our marketing efforts. You will be working closely with our design team, content team and operational team.

Social Media Manager duties and responsibilities

Develop, implement, and manage our social media strategy.
Define most important social media KPIs.
Manage and oversee social media content.
Measure the success of every social media campaign.
Stay up to date with latest social media best practices and technologies.
Work with copywriters and designers to ensure content is informative and appealing.
Monitor SEO and user engagement and suggest content optimization.
Communicate with industry professionals and influencers via social media to create a strong network.
Manage the ‘Moderators’ efforts
Manage and structure the ambassador’s support.
Manage the various tools/technologies to help deliver great results.
Provide analytics and constructive feedback.
Support the Marketing director in producing monthly reports.
Continuously improve by researching and analysing the appropriate social data/metrics, insights, and best practices, and then acting on the information.
Track organic social media engagement to identify high-performing ideas and campaigns for scalability.
Supporting the internal communications team with updating our communications channels
Answering questions, comments, and reviews from the audiences on all our social media pages.

Social Media Manager requirements and qualifications

At least 5 years of experience as a Social Media Specialist or similar role
Social Media Strategist using social media for brand awareness and impressions.
Excellent knowledge of Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, Reddit, and other social media best practices
Good understanding of social media KPIs
Critical thinker and problem-solving skills
Team player
Good time-management skills
Great interpersonal, presentation and communication skills
Excellent writing, editing and proof-reading skills with a flair for storytelling.
An understanding of managing targeted paid for adverts on Facebook, LinkedIn, twitter and Instagram (among others).
Education in politics, financial is beneficial.
1 or 2 years in the financial industry and/or commodity or blockchain/cryptocurrency background is necessary.
Experience of working to tight deadlines in a fast-paced environment.
Experience of producing communications materials, working with in-house teams and with marketing, creative and design.


Fintech and Crypto



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