Twitter Growth Hacker at VirgoX

Twitter Growth Hacker

Toronto, Canada
Posted 363 days ago

About the job

As a Social Media Manager, you would be asked to develop and implement an efficient Communications plan, carry out Community Management and Community Building across all our existing social media platforms; as well as serve as a strong leader/communicator to the team.

Required qualifications

- Previous experience in working with tech/crypto companies developing social media strategies. 

- Previous experience in managing social media communities (developers, blockchain, crypto enthusiasts, open-source, content creators, and more)
- Experience in writing and managing the social awareness of brands.

- Knowledge about internet culture/trends and outstanding use of social media.

- Ability to fluently speak and write in English.
- Ability to analyze information, identify trends, present key findings, and apply the findings


What you need for this position

- Blockchain/Crypto experience required
- Excellent written and oral communication skills

- Experience with engaging on social media to build brand awareness

- Passion for delivering exceptional customer service
- Ability to work well independently, self-motivated and goal-driven

- Passionate about delivering exceptional customer service

What you will be doing

- Designing social media posts for all our existing Social Media Platforms

- Monitoring and engaging with potential customers on Social Media

- Engaging in social media conversations to raise brand awareness

- Identifying target groups and communities to engage with


Social Media, English, Oral and written communications, Community Management, Customer Service


1500 USDT / Month

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