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About the Job

At Toucan, we are building the infrastructure to reverse climate change.

The climate crisis stems largely from a misalignment of incentives. Polluters don’t pay for their emissions. The voluntary carbon credit market is changing this, enabling companies to offset their emissions by paying projects to capture carbon. Today, this market is highly wasteful due to a lack of liquid markets, forcing projects to go through layers of financial middlemen that take 50-80% fees.

Toucan is enabling a web3 regenerative finance ecosystem by bridging carbon credits into crypto and pooling them in standardized categories. We have created the first globally accessible and liquid market for voluntary carbon credits. Working with T1 DeFi protocols and the community we enable carbon credits to be used in a variety of use cases, including green assets, NFTs, collateral and yields. In the first month, our Base Carbon Tonne did 2b$ in volume and we have bridged over 16m tonnes of CO2, equivalent to the emissions of Kenya. We are just getting started, and need top talent that want maximum leverage in solving the climate crisis to join us to build this regenerative finance ecosystem. This is where you come in!

As our new recruitment lead, you will play a key role in managing the recruitment process, to help Toucan grow from a team of 10 to 100 in 18 months. Your work will include:

- Attracting top tier talent
- Resource planning
- Creating and posting job pitches
- Handling filtering and providing input on candidates
- Optimizing the recruitment process
- Potentially headhunting for specific candidates
- Potentially leading a recruitment team

Your experience might include:

- 5+ years managing the full recruitment process
- Working in a rapidly growing startups
- Prior experience recruiting for software developers
- Previous work experience in web3
- A demonstrated passion for sustainability


Recruitment, Technical Recruitment, Human Resources



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