Sr Blockchain Developer at Alaeris

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About the Job

We are a cryptocurrency startup, looking for an early founding member who is interested in environmentalism, humanitarianism, and cryptocurrency...and being part of a movement and new corporate paradigm that binds all three together with profit incentives. We are a team of 13 (engineers, creatives and other humans with skills), working towards an investment round starting March 1 2022. Itโ€™s a solid project with a beautiful blockchain model, to bring CO2 back to pre-industrial levels and lifting 500M people out of poverty. Its an awesome team, including a world class CFO, and a plan to make a splash, and to get revenue positive right out of the gate.

To use a tired cliche, we are looking for a 'Rockstar' blockchain engineer with crypto engineering and startup experience to join our project, to validate and dig deeper into the future engineering challenges of our model. Your role as the Sr. Blockchain engineer will have you reporting to the CTO. You will have had experience in the blockchain/crypto world, may currently have a current blockchain project of your own, and know of some amazing blockchain humans to bring on board as we expand.

We are looking to have our token minted and an investment round begin on March 1 2022. This is a perfect opportunity to get on the ground floor of a crypto startup and aquire pre-ICO coins, NFT royalties on a project that we think will take the NFT, crypto worlds, and the rest of world by storm, and a chance at creating generational wealth for so many people.

Oh! Last thing. If you are a woman or person of color or any other human that believes you could add to the diversity of the team, hit us up! Hard to be an "organization of the future" if we are run by white dudes :)

Required Skills & Experience

- Experience: 5+ years of professional JavaScript/TypeScript development experience, with at least 3 of them being hands-on with Node.js on Medium-to-Large Applications.
- Programming languages: JavaScript / TypeScript
- Frameworks: Node.js, Fastify, Hapi, TypeORM
- Databases: PostgreSQL, SQLite, LMDB
- Languages: English


- Working on and enhancing the Core blockchain framework as well as working with and offering support to a cross-functional team who are building applications/products that interact with the blockchain protocols.
- Designing, building, auditing, testing and maintaining efficient, reusable, and reliable code; as well as helping maintain code quality and organization standards.
- Identify bottlenecks and bugs in our future codebase, and devise solutions to mitigate and address these issues
- Developing libraries and platforms for use and deployment by application developers

Additional Skills

- Previous experience in Blockchain development would be preferred
- A strong understanding of engineering principles and processes aimed at developing simple, modular and high-quality code is desired
- Good understanding of P2P networking and protocols. Experience with distributed systems and protocol design would also be a plus.
- In-depth understanding of algorithms and data structures
- Knowledgeable on the cryptographic principles of Blockchain technologies, with a good understanding / experience of cryptography (ECDSA, SHA256, Schnorr) would be favored
- An advanced/intermediate understanding of the V8 engine, specifically within Node.js (how does A affect B, what performance repercussions can X have, identify performance bottlenecks, etcโ€ฆ)


Python, Javascript, web3


200,000 + Equity

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