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About the Job

**About Alaeris**

Alaeris has developed a blockchain model to incentivize and reward real world change. This is done via transparent algorithmic incentives and community building/participation technology to affect real world progress...with the goal of terraforming this planet.

Our model is understandable, simple, elegant and practical and combines different elements of proven technologies. It's built by humans for humans, and creates financial rewards based on impact.
Our organization, from its core, operates as our model's values and instructions mandate for participants.

We are not a charity, but will affect more positive change on this planet than any charity before us. We are not a for profit corp either, but must operate as one to encourage participation, incentivize and reward, and will create a 1 Trillion dollar economy.

We are not being hyperbolic in our statement that we are something completely new, an organization of the future, powered by blockchain technology, that will literally change the face of this planet and the air that we breathe. We will plant 1 Trillion trees and unlock a new era of human cooperation and progress.

**About the role**

* Experience: 5+ years of professional JavaScript/TypeScript development experience, with at least 3 of them being hands-on with Node.js on Medium-to-Large blockchain or other Applications.
* Report to CTO (Ex-CTO Storj Labs) on developing L2 Alaeris application.
* Programming languages: JavaScript / TypeScript
* Frameworks: Node.js, Fastify, Hapi, TypeORM
* Databases: PostgreSQL, SQLite, LMDB
* Languages: English


* Working on and enhancing the Core blockchain framework as well as working with and offering support to a cross-functional team who are building applications/products that interact with the blockchain protocols.
* Designing, building, auditing, testing and maintaining efficient, reusable, and reliable code; as well as helping maintain code quality and organization standards.
* Identify bottlenecks and bugs in our future codebase, and devise solutions to mitigate and address these issues.
* Developing libraries and platforms for use and deployment by application developers.

**How to apply**
Hit us up.

**Compensation: **
As a founding team member, you will be receiving shares in Alaeris (all founding team members are receiving equal shares, CEO included!) We will also be making a sizable crypto wallet available to all founding team members upon launch of our coin. We are beginning our seed round March 1 2022, and once funded, we will be hiring all founding team members full time with San Francisco equivalent salaries for leadership roles in their respective areas of expertise.


Javascript Node.js PostgreSQL SQLite Bitcoin TypeScript Ethereum Hapi Solidity Blockchain LMDB TypeORM Fastify Solana


$200,000 post seed, equity, coin equity + Equity

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