Startup Co-founder (Blockchain) at Antler

2036 days ago
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About the Job

About Antler

Antler is a startup generator that turns the world’s best talent into great founders of great companies. Antler recruits exceptional individuals to build disruptive companies in Southeast Asia. We support and invest in the startups and connect them with mentors from all over the world.

The Opportunity

Blockchain is deemed by experts as the most disruptive technology since the internet and the opportunities within fintech, healthcare, logistics and real estate – the world’s largest industries – are unprecedented. Distributed ledger technology will give room to build hundreds of use cases and businesses in the years to come. We expect the development of the blockchain infrastructure and protocols to continue but also see more solutions driving mass adoption of blockchain (e.g. platforms, applications and tools).

We are currently recruiting blockchain developers who want to be co-founders of a startup and develop disruptive solutions using distributed ledger technology. We will help you find a co-founder with complementary skills and passion. All founders get connected to our worldwide network of mentors to get hands-on support and access to their networks.

The program is based in Singapore and for the first two months, we give you an individual grant of 3,600 USD per month. Once you have a solid team and a validated idea, we will invest 60,000 USD into your company for a 10% equity stake. You and your co-founders keep the majority of the ownership. Ultimately, it’s your company and we’re here to help you get things off the ground.

What are we looking for?

We’re looking for exceptionally talented developers with the aspiration to become a great founder of a fast-growing startup.
- Successful CTOs, developers, engineers, product managers, software architects, designers and anyone who has built and scaled products from scratch.
- Strong understanding and interest in distributed ledger technologies
- Always on top of the latest technology trends & eager to adopt new technologies in blockchain.
- Passion to build the next-gen products
- Driven & hungry to build a successful startup
- Fluency in English


Distributed systems, blockchain, start-ups, network security, Software development, algorithms, Solidity, C, Java, python, SQL, electronic trading, open source


3,600 USD / month + Equity