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About the Company

We are a startup developing blockchain to be integrated with regular off-chain software products. We are focused on the gaming industry and are working to ensure that blockchain mechanics expand the capabilities of players and game studios so that the use of blockchain in games becomes convenient and useful. We aim that in 3 years every 10th new game in the AppStore / PlayMarket will be integrated with the blockchain

About the Job

# About the Product

We are creating a new blockchain aimed at integration with off-chain applications. Blockchain will become another convenient element of the back-end infrastructure. Most of all we focus on video games - the cost of integrating games with the new blockchain will be an order of magnitude less than with currently popular blockchains, radically reducing the entry threshold. We are working to ensure that every 10th new game in the AppStore & Google PlayMarket will be integrated with the blockchain in three years.

The product is created on the basis of Substrate. To implement the main functionality, we use pallets. The new blockchain provides new patterns of interaction with off-chain applications, so we also have to modify the FRAME and node layers.

# About the Job

We're looking for a fully remote, full-time Substrate Rust Developer to join us asap.

You'll be involved in both research and hands-on development of our blockchain’s code.

# Your Background l Must-have's
- Proven experience with Polkadot / Substrate (+1 year);
- Deep understanding of how blockchain works, proven experience in core blockchain development;
- Excellent knowledge of Rust;
- Development and release in production of non-blockchain software products;
- The desire to develop as a blockchain engineer creating core solutions for the industry;
- Your working hours can overlap ET USA by at least 4 hours;

# Bonus points if you:
- Have experience with Python. We use it for several product components that are closely integrated with the blockchain;
- Have experience in open source projects;

# What’s In It For You?
- Competitive salary;
- Possible payment in USDT;
- Remote and asynchronous working environment;
- Flexible time-off;
- Working in a small team of experienced developers who have +5 years in blockchain space;
- No micromanagement, no endless meetings;


Rust, Substrate, Polkadot


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