Web3 UIUX Designer (Potential Creative Product Design Lead) at CRASTONIC Ltd

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About the Job

Looking for a skillful and passionate web3.0 native UIUX Designer to make a cool, catchy, and super user-friendly UIUX design for an innovative web3 project - DeCir.io which is the first NFT enabled No-Code DAO & Token Gated Contents creation platform backed by several renowned VCs. Based on the skill & value contribution level, this position will potentially be able to lead the entire creative team in 6 months to a year time span.

◾︎Why UX in web3 is so important?

Although many people say it is crypto winter, we believe web3 still has way more greater potential. All the great dApps such as Binance, OpenSea, Axie were built under bear market, and this circulates in 2-3 yeras span. Now is the time to build and just another biginning of big waves to come! web3 is great, but still UX sucks, do you agree? If so, here is the opportunity for you to shine and make web3 UX innovation. We do have strong dedicated team, product & solution. Great experience is not visualized yet. If you have a passion for web3.0, crypto, NFT, DAO, and enthusiasm to solve the current user's problem in design, this is the perfect opportunity for you!

◾︎About the Role
As a UIUX designer, you will be in charge of researching trending Web3 UIUX design, understanding user persona, and customer journey, and converting the business/product needs into user-friendly UIUX design. As You will be working on a small startup environment, you will be directly involved in working with the CEO, world-class blockchain engineers and global team environment.

◾︎What We Are Doing
Our service - No-Code membership NFT/DAO/Token Gated Contents creation platform "DeCir". https://decir.io/ We are looking for a UIUX designer for the DeCir application and LP to update the better UI/UX and keep updating new features with us. As a global startup with more than 70% of us working from different countries, we respect each other's idea & backgrounds and aim to create the best product in the global market.

◾︎Job Description
- UX research on related web 3.0 application services
︎- Re-define user persona, and customer journey and understand user's pain point
- Ideation & brain storming
- Draw wireframe or function process flow chart or diagram
- Design mockup and production UIUX design for blockchain applications.
- Suggest & propose the creative/design idea from marketing&user point of view to the team
- Collaborate with other Dev teams to meet specification needs in line with business objectives.
- Work closely with the CEO and teams to meet specification needs in line with business objectives. ️
- Improve products and pursue successful customer value experiences.

◾︎Must have Qualifications
- Standing in the same mission & value
- Strong passion and belief in web3.0 and crypto space.
- Deep understanding levels of web3.0, Crypto, and Blockchain technology.
- Understanding of how the DAO, NFT project works at the deep technical level.
- UI/UX team lead experience and Self-management with planning, following the due date, speed
- Deep knowledge of web3 and how major dApps run & works
- Strong passion and belief in web3.0 and crypto space.
- Strong Logical thinking skill (thinking WHY first, MECE).
- Strong Design thinking skills (Human centric, pain point, user-driven)
- Critical Thinking skills (Doubt every possible ways to find if there could be better ways, even for your own work)
- Creative Thinking skills (Be open minded, think outside of box/trends/tradition)
- Problem Finding & Solving skills (Find out right problem then right solution)
- At least 3 years of professional experience working with UIUX designer
- Familiarity with Figma, Photoshop, Illustrator, XD, and Adobe-related design tools.etc
- Familiarity with Miro, Mural, and other design thinking collaboration tools. etc
- Ability to be self-motivated and detail-oriented while producing high-quality, accurate work in a startup environment. (Speed & Quality are on demand)
- Excellent English communication skills in both writing and verbal

◾︎Preferred Qualifications
- Good knowledge of design patterns for decentralized Web 3.0 applications.
- Knowledge of DeFi, economics, and any other financial trading mechanism
- Knowledge or working contribution experience in DAO
- Experience of designing both web & mobile native applications in either web 2.0 or 3.0
- Leadership/management experience leading the project or smaller team
- Experience of creating the product from scratch (0 to 1)
- Understanding of development process, and blockchain technology is a huge plus!
- Ability to code & develop frontend applications is a huge plus! (HTML, CSS, React)

◾︎Last Note from a founder
We want to create the BEST product and work with the BEST. We are trying to build class A-Team, collectives of experts. We do not have time & energy to spare for education, training, but instead we want to dedicate all of our time into build amazing product that many people use in the world. Therefore, if your mindset is to learn, or take it as easy cash job, please do not apply. It will not be easy, will take dedication to solve the complicated problem to make it simple, but if you are the person to enjoy the challenge, love thinking of others pain, sympathize, and dare to solve & make an innovation, our gate is open for you. Let's take a great venture together.


Figma, Photoshop, Illustrator, Adobe XD, Unity, Unreal, HTML, CSS, React, Mural, Miro, Design Thinking, Critical Thinking, Logical Thinking, Creative Thinking, Problem Solving, User Analysis


1,000 USD / month - 5,000 USD / month + Token (Based on Performance Contribution) or + Equity

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