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About the Job

*About Us*
hype partners is a full-service community development agency for blockchain companies. We are a team of 40 marketing and community professionals who have been in the space since as early as 2014. Weโ€™ve worked with over 30 top tier projects at all stages of development totalling 300M+ in raised capital.

**What we're looking for**

We are on the hunt for extremely motivated and energetic Community Builders to become the face of multiple Telegram communities.

We are not only looking for people to help the community with common questions but creative and forward thinkers who can share information resources, promote community engagement by creating polls, quizzes and surveys on a regular basis, as well as share important and relevant news / events / articles both about your client, and similar technologies and industry updates.

While you do not need to have previous Community Management experience, you do need to have an excellent knowledge of both the blockchain space, as well as a solid history of being a part of a Blockchain Community (IM Group platforms such as Telegram, Discord are key examples). This means you may be a keen investor, a project ambassador, or an active community engager, etc.

Engaging and building the community is more important than simply managing the community (acting vs only reacting).


Monitor Telegram discussion for both engagement opportunities and sentiment

Communicate swiftly with the community on any questions, issues, suggestions

Contribute to a running FAQ on a daily basis the build a knowledge base of questions about the client

Quickly remove spam and combat FUD as they appear in the community


A proven knowledge of blockchain technology and an understanding of investing in cryptocurrency

Strong written and verbal communication in the English language

Attention to detail and multitasking skills

Ability to manage multiple high traffic Telegram groups simultaneously

A genuine PASSION for both blockchain and modern technology as well as outstanding people skills (This is a must)


100% remote work
Join a passionate team of marketers, community builders, and experts
Malleable schedules
Well compensated
Space to experiment beyond community building onto marketing initiatives

**Who Can Apply:**

As mentioned above, we are looking for able individuals who have a way with words, know how to engage with the community, and have a solid understanding about the space.

In order to apply for this position, we would like to see screenshots or chat history of you interacting with a Telegram/Discord/IM community and how you solve problems when they arise.

You are welcome to remove names and channel details but we will only be accepting applications from those who can provide some proof of their community engagement skills.

If you have previous work history as a Community Manager or admin of a crypto related community, please share the link to that community along with your username.

Remember, this snapshot does not have to be one who's been a community manager or admin role, but simply showing your personality in a real chat environment with engagement.

We look forward to receiving your applications!


Community Management, Good Communicator, Marketing


Well Compensated

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