Community Lead at Auras Studios

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About the Job

Auras Studios is seeking an experienced community manager to manage social channels (Twitter and Discord) for an upcoming first of it’s kind NFT collection launch. The project will be similar in style to Deadheads, BAYC and ZenFt Bonsai with a focus on building a community and providing utility through an Augmented Reality application.

This project differs from existing PFP/Avatar style projects because we are focusing on creating 3D customisable Rooms. The utility of the project is that holders will be able to virtually explore their rooms in Augmented Reality via an application that we are releasing as part of the roadmap. Additional roadmap items include:

- Ability to showcase NFT collections within Rooms.
- Social features to interact in Augmented Reality.
- Explorable Augmented Reality metaverse.

We also combine this with membership perks and benefits and unique tribes which will either split royalties, have unique voting rights, or have the chance to win real world meetups.

Ideal candidate should have
- Led community management (twitter,discord) for a similar NFT collection..
- Experience in community management, research, marketing and copywriting
- Strong verbal and written communication skills in English
- Result-oriented with the ability to multitask and deliver on short deadlines
- Experience with the crypto space, DeFi and NFTs
- Knowledge of the NFT community and metaverse including crypto specific language and meme culture
- basic graphic design skills (canva / figma) good to have
- Ideally experience with integration of Discord bots for chat automation


Understanding of NFTs and web3, Community Management, Marketing, Discord


4000 - 6000 USD / month

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