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About the Job


We are building a curated avatar platform that allow people have unique avatars that can use in main metaverse worlds with same look (cross-platform).
That thanks to native integrations with metaverse worlds partners and a powerful developers API. It includes a marketplace that connect avatar creators with users to provide a trustworthy way of commissioned work using cryptocurrencies by staked payments. Making the process of building a custom avatar faster and more reliable. A digital place where users can buy, trade or create 3D virtual reality avatars as NFTs ready to use, along with anything complementary they might need like wearable or animations.
Where we can verify that creators are who they claim to be while keeping high quality technical standards. Facilitating a gathering point between creators, collectors and users to
generate a thriving creative community.

The position
We're looking for a talented communicator. You will ensure everything gets communicated the right way. For social media, newsletters, blog-posts, press releases and more.

Send CV to [email protected]

Your role:
- Post in social media and communication platforms
- Create and revise text and publications
- Engage and chat with the community

Your Profile:
- Fluent/native english
- Excellent copywriting skills
- Excellent at Twitter and Discord
- You know the NFT space

We appreciate
- Design skills
- You're already an NFT user
- You already had a similar job

Social Media, Copywriting, English, NFTs


Social Media, Copywriting, English, NFTs


Negotiable based on experience

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