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About the Job

Levana stands for “Leverage Any Asset.'' The Levana protocol is currently in development to create a suite of cross platform dapps, which provide leverage for crypto and real world assets. Built on Terra, we are launching this fall with a set of leverage index tokens to provide easy access to 2x leverage, long or short, for the most popular assets in the Terra ecosystem.

Following the launch of our flexible leveraged index tokens, we will launch a tokenized perpetual swap decentralized exchange, and an options trading platform.

The team brings lots of experience from the blockchain space combined with experience building successful applications that have been used by millions of users all over the world. Our investors have backed the most successful projects in crypto. We are well positioned to become the most used defi product of 2022.

If you want to help build the first protocol that will achieve 1 million monthly active users, join our team as head of community management.

Job description:

We are looking for a community manager with a self-starter mentality to run our Levana community channels full-time. You will be able to work remotely and enjoy the benefits of working for a crypto project.

We are looking for an experienced specialist who will self-reliantly build their process of growing our social network. Our dream candidate understands the peculiarities of the various social networks, has experience in the field of cryptocurrencies, and the ability to write in an educational and entertaining style.

Levana is a young, energetic startup founded by experienced entrepreneurs in the blockchain space. You will be joining a team that respects you, provides encouragement, and is committed to integrity. We emphasize open communication and working together to bring out your best performance, while maintaining a healthy work-life balance.
At Levana you will be expected to:
Become a driving force in the on-chain governance ecosystem
You will develop social media content communities on various platforms, including but not limited to Twitter, Telegram, Facebook, YouTube, Reddit, forums, etc
Engage our community by supporting organic growth inside our chat and social media accounts
Run effective marketing campaigns and participate in events to grow our community and boost brand awareness
Writing good content & articles when needed
Ideation and execution of other community campaigns
Coordinate with our developers and keep our community updated on our latest products and features
Manage our Telegram community chat and respond to comments and customer questions
Identify and engage with influencers and ambassadors
Track the result of your campaign
Flexible working hours within European timezones (GMT+3)

Know “Crypto Twitter” well
Have previous Community Management experience
Great communication skills
Excellent marketing and community strategy skills with proven expertise
Be fluent in English
Strong understanding of web3 / DeFi
Good writing skills
Understanding of finance, especially derivatives trading, e.g. futures and perpetuals
Strong organizational skills
Patience for endless questions from community members

Nice to have:
DAO member
Passionate about governance
Graphic Design skills
Familiarity with Terra and Cosmos

Twitter: @Levana_Protocol
To apply: [email protected]


community management experience, english, marketing & community strategy, understanding of web3/DeFi, good writing skills, understand finance (esp. derivatives trading), patience


60,000-100,000 USD

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