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About the Job

We are Profila, a startup from Switzerland focused on data privacy, and we are searching for new team members – Community Managers for our Telegram and Discord channels!
We are looking for startup and blockchain enthusiasts with an advanced understanding of the blockchain/crypto community and terminology, who have active experience in communicating in social media.
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As the Community Manager (preferably for Telegram or Discord), you will be an integral part of Profila's Community team engaging with one of the most active and popular communities in the blockchain industry, Cardano! Profila has already received great support from this community, who voted to fund 4 of the Catalyst challenges (see

We are now looking at the Cardano community for community managers for our telegram and discord channels, and can incentivize you in our Cardano-native tokens. We hope to find people who (after reading our whitepaper) believe in our vision and mission to give people back control over their data, and who believe in our Cardano-story.

You will build and manage our community, encompassing online activities such as social media, livestreams and offline activities such as meetups/events and conferences.


Telegram, Discord


5000 EUR/month, option of getting paid in digital currency

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