Crypto Due Diligence Analyst at Influx Ltd

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About the Job

Looking for exciting opportunities in the blockchain industry?

Influx Group is a multi-faceted blockchain VC and marketing agency working with and investing in some of the top technology projects in the world.

We are hiring 1 outstanding Crypto Due Diligence Analyst for a long-term and full-time working relationship.

What activities will this person be doing?

* Conduct research on major crypto projects within the space and help the Investment Committee with crucial investing decisions.
* Research/Analyze the tokenomics of crypto projects and help make crucial portfolio allocations for the company.
* Construct a positive-selection portfolio for the company and help make dynamic investment decisions.
* Create actionable reports of crypto projects after careful analysis of projects within the portfolio.
* Conduct careful analysis of the prevailing trends in the crypto markets and suggest the best possible allocations for capital.

What specific skills and experience will the person need to have?

* Analytical skills to understand the market and make crucial investment decisions.
* Ability to handle pressure and make crucial decisions in stressful environments.
* Strong mathematical skills to construct a positive-selection investment portfolio with sustained profitable returns.
* Strong technical skills of the crypto industry to understand and analyze top crypto projects.
* Be able to communicate with crypto projects independently and present actionable insights to the Investment Committee.
* Have knowledge of analytical tools (including but not limited to data analytics and visualization) and the ability to use them to guide crucial investment decisions.
* Unemotional attitude towards the market.
* Analytical mindset and ability to observe and analyze prevailing trends and sentiments.
* Ability to filter through the noise and use fundamental on-chain data to help make investment decisions.
* Strong ability to work independently.
* Self-sufficient/self-starter.
* Have excellent verbal and written communication skills in English.

Other info

* 100% remote work.
* Working hours 8-5 MST (flexible).


Mathematical skills, investment knowledge


1000 - 1300 USD

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