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About the Job

Dear Cryptocurrency writer,

We are recruiting a team of writers to join one of the most successful YouTube crypto channels with over 100,000 subscribers. We are looking for top talent in terms of ability to identify, study and write a script for the channel star. This is special writing and its not just blog writing, we need to be able to write a script that can be read by the presenter and founder from a teleprompter.

Only top talent will be considered and we are looking for 3 years of Bitcoin and Cryptocurrency deep knowledge.

This is a deadline oriented job with intense pressure to produce current content. This means the writer is excellent at research and is "in tune" and "following" the crypto markets deeply.

Ability to talk Blockchain, Defi, NFTs, and more subjects are a requirement.

There are performance bonuses attached to viewership milestones for the production team.

If you think you are amazing at the task described and want a shot at a permanent position for this team as well as significant performance bonuses, please apply.

Please provide multiple samples of work.

Once your application is reviewed and if it is moved up to the next round, we will schedule a video conference via Zoom with our team leader. The team manager is also a cryptocurrency veteran and the 3 writers that will be selected will need to be extremely versed in crypto and very talented in your ability to write for a video production script as well as keep up with the star and founder of the show.

This is the best job in the Crypto Space now and the career and financial opportunities are gigantic. We will spare no expense to find the top crypto video script writers possible. You will work with social media team members as well as other team members.

Thank you for applying and we look forward to our video interview.





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