DeFi Marketing Manager at Hype Partners

DeFi Marketing Manager

Hype Partners

Posted 515 days ago

** A little bit about us **

Founded in 2017, Hype Partners is the leading full-service marketing agency in the blockchain space. We are a team of 40+ globally and have worked with over 65 top-tier blockchain projects. Our goal is to be the first choice for any blockchain project looking to grow their community.

** Who we are looking for **

We are looking for a DeFi Marketing Manager with experience planning and executing marketing campaigns with in-depth knowledge of the blockchain industry.

Candidates should have a grasp of the general crypto landscape, how blockchain projects market themselves, what happened with the DeFi market in 2020, how marketing is unique to the space and have new ideas to bring to the table as the space evolves.

Most important is a top-down strategic vision on how to set and achieve your client’s goals.

You should be able to articulate why some projects succeed in their marketing and some fail.

You will be working with top-tier blockchain projects every day to help them succeed.

** What we expect **

1+ years experience in crypto marketing
Strategic marketing perspective and ability to think like a CMO
Must be comfortable speaking with clients
(Near) native English a must
Other language, writing or design skills (PLUS)
Crypto investing or trading experience (PLUS)
DeFi Yield Farm, NFTs and APE experience (PLUS)
MemeLord (PLUS)

** Benefits **

Help define the marketing for top projects in our industry
100% remote work and flexible schedules
Passionate team of marketers and investors
Quick progression
Well compensated
Opportunity to earn token bonuses

** How to Apply **

Please send a one page resume to [email protected]

What experience you have working with blockchain companies (max 150 words)

Pick a successful blockchain company of the last 12 months and tell us why their marketing was successful (max 200 words)

And send us your favourite crypto meme


Marketing, 4Chan, Telegram


$1000-$3000 + token bonuses

Applications for this job are currently closed.

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