Marketing project lead at Momentum6

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About the Job

​​Key Responsibilities

Creating and improving strategies for overall marketing, overseeing current processes and creating insights on what can be done to maximise efficiency and effect.

Think of content and communicate your vision clearly to content writers, designers, team and client.
Identify weak points in community management, social media and campaigns, provide suggestions and actions to improve them.

Ensure that the project is running smoothly under a clear timeline and meeting current deadlines. That all tasks on all the initiatives are being completed on time and with high quality.

Have a firm understanding of what is coming down the project pipeline, create strategies to maximize exposure and insure that all appropriate actions are being taken to implement these strategies with high effect.

Overseeing project management and organisation of team efforts and ensuring that everything is being done on time, and no approved initiative is being left out/receiving insufficient attention. Identify threats and find solutions for arising problems.

Research of best practices and strategies of different projects with the goal of augmenting current projects with creative initiatives to increase engagement and exposure.

Be in active communication with management and clients.
Create status reports for the team (2 times a week) and brief daily reports for clients. Have weekly calls with clients to discuss status and strategy.

Must be able to accept payment in crypto!

About Momentum6

Momentum6 was founded by Garlam Won, an entrepreneur, speaker, influencer and Chief Blockchain editor at Financial Street Media with a vision to provide tech driven blockchain companies with reliable full-stack growth solutions.

Momentum6 is a one-stop solution for all your marketing and PR needs. We present DeFi and crypto companies with turnkey solutions for sustainable growth.

Our portfolio includes: Harmony, Sandbox, KAVA, MANTRADAO, KIRA, RIO DEFI, APY FINANCE, GIV, TOKOIN, Thundercore, Contentos, Marconi, TOP Network, Alchemy, Barter Trade,, etc

We are looking for proactive, smart, capable and responsible people to augment our team! If you are passionate about what you do and want to help us create a bridge between tech and growth, we hope that you apply to join us!


Digital marketing, Crypto marketing, Social media, Project management


1500-3000 UDT

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