Project Marketing Lead at DeFi Raccoons

Project Marketing Lead

DeFi Raccoons

Posted 70 days ago

Your role will be an AMA Host & Marketing Project Lead

You are a person that loves to talk, make conversation, has a critical mindset and has a solid interest in blockchain and cryptocurrencies.

Our community:
DeFi Raccoons is a community for everything related to DeFi and NFTs, Blockchain, Crypto and much more. We share our analysis, fundamentals and hold AMAs with all sorts of projects!

- Ideally you are already an active participant in crypto discussion groups and communities. Using and leveraging these to aid your own trades.
- This is a full time role, hours are flexible as long as your work gets done. You'll have to be available 6/7 and you will need to be flexible according to the needs of the client.
- Excellent communicative skills in English (half decent English or bad English is not fit for this role) / Fluent (near native) English. Both written and verbal skills
- In-depth knowledge about the state of the digital asset market, specifically altcoins and defi space
- Previous crypto trading experience (i.e. have bought and sold at least 2 tokens in the past 6 months)
- Basic awareness of some of the leading Telegram crypto trading channels
- Strong familiarity with crypto communities, market trends, and key market players
- Flexibility to ensure availability for key events (Client news announcements, exchange listings, AMAs, etc.)
- Windows 10 or IOS operating system
- At least 10MBps or above internet speed
- Access to a reliable, fairly recent desktop/laptop and a stable internet connection
- Familiar with typical DeFi and NFT concepts (farming, staking, etc)
- You need to have an eye for details.

Key jobs;

1. AMA's (can be up to 10 per month)
- Host AMA's with several DeFi and NFT Projects. Prior to the AMA you must get familiar with the team, schedule with them, do your due diligence on their project and compile a list of questions that then will be discussed during the AMA (unique and non copied from other AMAs)
- We expect excellent, timely and professional communication with the AMA teams
- Announce the AMA on Telegram and Twitter
- Write and publish a recap of the AMA on Medium
- Distribute the prizes in crypto

2. Keep an eye on the chat
- Delete spam, ban scammers
- Manage telegram bots

3. Manage and organize growth campaigns
- Twitter giveaway, gleam campaign, write a Medium article, organize an airdrop


Trading, Fundamental Crypto Research, Investing


Fixed fee per AMA and per project marketing assignment / monthly wages


Communication, Engagement, Good Organisation


To be discussed

Applications for this job are currently closed.

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